Journeying days — 4 Comments

  1. Good luck with the fete. The school my kids went to (Catholic primary) was located next to a Church so the school/parish fete were combined it was really good and very little rubbish. We had a chocolate wheel (not sure why it’s called that) Just a big wheel with numbers on it and you win a donated prize if your number comes up. Incredible fund raiser and brilliant prizes. They’d regularly tip the $15,000 mark for the fete. Hope the back survives!

  2. Rob and I were wondering if there was any “fete rivalry” after going to St Pauls on Saturday, now we know that the adding of a tenner here and there proves that the competition is real.

    I had better get Rob onto building something better than giant Jenga….now, where will I get plans for a chocolate wheel?

  3. Maria,


    Don’t be telling people about us topping up the money – it’s confidential!

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