Where do you put the leftovers? — 4 Comments

  1. Then again, the beauty of a digital camera is that you can snap and disregard if they’re no good so that only the best ones are printed or uploaded instead of paying that $15 to have a load of overexposed or blurry happy snaps printed. Methinks you are a bit of a hoarder Ian, you need to be tough when making your selections and just dump the stuff that’s no good. I keep all my pics on Flickr so hope the internet doesn’t vapourise!

  2. If you ever find a good home for the hundreds of digital pics – let me know! Wet dog with “authentic smell” has more portraits than the queen and I can’t bear to part with them.

  3. ‘Is there a land like the one of lost socks, where one can send the unwanted?’

    I hope not or Elly might send me! 😉

    As Baino says tell yourself that you are emigrating and only keep what you really need. If the house was burning (I hope it never does)what would you save?

  4. Baino,

    I got some digitally taken prints back from Snapfish this morning – some of them were still blurry!


    Have you devised some way of preserving the smell? Smell and memory are very closely linked, allowing a dispensing with images.


    I think the land of lost socks might not be too bad a place! If I were emigrating, it would be in the tradition of those Anglican missionaries of the 19th Century and I would have a huge baggage train.

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