Troubling imagination — 4 Comments

  1. Worrying stuff, that family 🙁

    As regards the noticeboard in the nursing home – my father suffers from severe short term memory loss but is otherwise lucid. He derives great pleasure from reading the daily menu written up on a whiteboard because no matter how many times he reads it, it’s still news to him!

    btw The last time I saw one of those whirligig things, was in Atlantic Homecare. Happy hunting!

  2. I have one of those whirligig things…sock-upmanship! If I ever see one I’ll get it for you! They’re great.
    By the way – this e-mail is for convenience at present on the laptop – just as soon as I can I’ll load in the one that I can remember without looking it up every time.

  3. Worrying indeed let’s hope the scalding acts as an ‘alert’ for the social worker whether it was accidental or not. Chance is you’ll never know

  4. If it was my call, I would say the children were at risk. I was in the house once and they hadn’t even furniture, i.e. they sat on bare floorboards to watch a television that was rented on a weekly basis, but it’s not my call.

    Steph, your Dad’s nursing home is in the Premier League, should I ever have to receive such care, it would be my first choice.

    We had three whirligigs, but they were out of €2 shops and two have now fallen apart, leaving a lack of space for four people. It was a bizarre thing to be looking for, but I didn’t want to stand in the street outside of the supermarket.

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