Racism is racism — 3 Comments

  1. Ah Well! Put it down to ignorance, where ever you go there is always someone who will try to put down someone else, generally because they have a very low IQ

  2. Weird isn’t it, I never think of ‘racists’ in terms of caucasians vs caucasians. Sounds like Ireland has progressed beyond the friendly rivalry that we exercise here say between QLD and NSW or VIC and NSW. Our racism is always directed at people of colour!

  3. I find the Scots are equally as anti-english.I have a number of times sat in the company of my Scottish in-laws and squirmed as the English battering went on and because of who they were felt unable to say anything. It seems ok for anybody to have a go at the English. I feel annoyed at myself though because i would be one of the first to stand up against any form of prejudice against any other creed or race.

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