Non poetic days — 5 Comments

  1. It is just after 8 o’clock on 7th August and the blinds is down Joxer the blinds is down.

  2. I was just outside chatting to my neighbour and we both said that we could smell that Autumn smell in the air beginning to happen in the evening. (Devon!!!!!!)

  3. An, shure, was not Joxer a great man for the poems, the darlin’ poems, the daarlin poems?


    The Celtic autumn begins on 1st August, but the meteorological one doesn’t start until 1st September and the astronomical one on 21st September. There were days in the winter better than today.

  4. I take great solace in knowing that your summer is like our winter! As for noticing the little things . . nah, doesn’t need desperate times . . .I’m enthralled by the little things all the time.

  5. We moan about rain, but at least we (or should I say the ladies) do not have to walk four or five miles fo a bucket of water

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