Floating thoughts — 3 Comments

  1. Ah the world of Arthur Ransome, Gilbert Hackforth-Jones and others, Innocence and adventure. It was a staple diet in my younger days. I was fortunate enough to own a small sailing boat when I was much younger.
    Living by the Thames and close to a yacht basin I had the chance to live out some chilhood fantasies. Nostalgia – yes but then it was true.

  2. Ian, Unfortunately growing up on the top of the hill all we had were the books about boats, but do you remember how Brian Croots yard full of old cars and farm machinery was a great place to play?All too dangerous of course for todays pampered children!!!!

  3. I think it was maybe because we lived on a hill miles from the sea that the sea took on mythical proportions.

    Croots’ barns were a land of adventure – definitely a health and safety hazard!

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