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  1. Rev only you could use Abba to make a theological point! So what record would you play after telling the greatest story of all? (and don’t say Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!)

  2. Ian I went to see Mamma Mia earlier this year, and I’m not one for musicals (the last one I saw was Joseph and the Amazing Technical Dreamcoat in 1973!!!)BUT it was absolutely fantastic!!! I joined in and sang all the songs (I am sad)You missed a fantastic show.

    On the subject of record players didn’t your Mum and Dad have a big Radiogram when we were kids?I have this vision of a huge wooden box with a geat sound, in their front room.

  3. Baino,

    I wish I knew!


    It was a girls’ night out! I went to a football match on Friday night. When it comes to concerts and films, we tend to go with our own friends. Katharine would not have wanted to go to any of the gigs I have attended this year.

    Yep, they had a wooden radiogram that included an FM waveband on the radio. Not sure what went out on FM when it was manufactured.

  4. My children found it very funny the other evening when watching TV, I commented that the guy in the Birds eye fish fingers ad used to be in a band when I was young and I used to think he was great, he was my favourite (if you haven’t seen it – it’s Suggs from Madness!). I explained to them that the song playing (Our House) was one of the bands songs. They wrinkled their noses and looked at each other and burst out laughing. I didn’t quite see the joke, he still looks good to me! Anyway, today on the way back from the supermarket the Madness song “It must be love” came on the radio and the kids were singing along with it – I said “So, you think that song it good” “Oh Yes!” they all chorused. One Point for Mum, I think.
    Ian – I remember ‘Our Tune’ so much and my Mother and I would always sit and have a cuppa around half ten and listen to it, invariably with a few tears at the end.
    So, how do you tell the story of Jesus and remind us that he was the greatest superhero ever, without weapons of light-sabres and invisibility cloaks or superpowers of x-ray vision or gadget hands. I think you should just keep on doing what you’re doing, you may not think you are leaving an impression on those who listen to your story but through just being the person you are, your words linger in hearts and minds longer and than any good Abba song.

  5. Maria I have to respond to your post, my 2 boys reacted in the same way when I told them who Suggs was!!!!!

  6. Maria,

    Your cheque is in the post 😉


    I love Suggs!

    The night before a very unhappy funeral in June I went to see Madness in concert – the evening was under the shadow of the funeral. Coming out of the crematorium, the place suddenly filled with sound -‘One Step Beyond’ and then ‘It must be love’.

    (Maybe I’ve said that already somewhere – senility!)

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