Repressed emotions — 2 Comments

  1. “I sat and listened and said nothing. It would not be professional to express feelings” . . .maybe that’s the key, you are expected to be the ‘tower of strength’. Frankly I admire those who express their emotions and expose their own ‘frailty’. Unfortunately, much of the ’emotional response’ is negative rather than sympathetic. Don’t lose your emotional self Ian . .If I visit a doctor and he gives me bad news, I WANT an emotional response, I certainly expect it from the clergy . . .even at work, it would be nice for someone to show a little more than professional edge. Then maybe that’s just me . .I wear my heart on my sleeve . .always! And there’s much to be said for the seven second hug!

  2. It’s very sad if a father never hugs his son, or if sympathy is not expressed, but sometimes the urge to express emotion can be a selfish one – ignoring others’ feelings in order to express our own,. I’m also very suspicious of the requirement to display emotion in public life e.g. the criticism of the Queen for not showing suitable grief after the death of Princess Diana (who can scarcely have been her favourite person). There needs to be a careful balance struck between warmth and stridency, and between sensitivity and window-dressing.

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