Unreliable sources — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve read that wikipedia has no more errors than most standard printed encyclopedias, which is interesting if true, since it clearly does have errors.

  2. mm . . I don’t use it as a serious source and have heard that some things are just plain wrong but not sure . .back to the school records for you I guess!

  3. I think that, when I was at Portora, it was considered rather a ‘good thing’ that Wilde should have been an Old Boy. When my father was there – not so sure. When my [maternal] grandfather was there – different again. Indeed one gains the impression that his name was intermittently painted out and replaced on the Honour Boards in the Steele Hall. I suppose it all served as a good preparation for life in the Anglican Communion?

  4. I think Wilde might have enjoyed Wikipedia; he could have changed his entry as his mood took him.

    The ambivalence towards Wilde does have a distinctly Anglican feel – attitudes changing according to the prevailing mood. 😉

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