When words will not do — 4 Comments

  1. Doesn’t that extract from the book put into words exactly how we feel in life when those negative thoughts and feelings get hold of us. It is all so totally encompassing and numbing. We are just like the tightrope walker and we are not able to put one foot before the other and no thoughts make any sense. It is so good when you find someone else has been able to put it into perfect words just what has been going on in one’s mind.

  2. Well if nothing else Ian, listening to that has chilled me out now for the night. With a vision of Enya in my mind Ahhhhh !!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m rarely lost for words, not that the words which spill out are meaningful! I frequently feel like the tightrope walker though! I always loved that Clannad song from Harry’s Game but never understood a word in it! Beautiful.

  4. I get all the words wrong and then give up altogether.

    It’s funny, I saw Madness back in June, and the lyrics of ‘My girl’s mad at me’ made sense!

    My girl’s mad at me
    Been on the telephone for an hour
    We hardly said a word
    I tried and tried but I could not be heard
    Why can’t I explain?
    Why do I feel this pain?
    ‘Cause everything I say
    She doesn’t understand
    She doesn’t realise
    She takes it all the wrong way

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