Defying Private Frazer — 6 Comments

  1. To combat Frazer’s warnigs of doom, you would require Cpl. Jones’s ‘Don’t panic’ or Private Godfrey’s ‘can I be excused, and Mannering calling Pike and everyone else a stupid boy.

  2. ‘Now listen here Wilson’ Thanks for the pic of Wexford waterfront Ian, good to see it.

  3. I’m all up with Cpl Jones – DON’T PANIC.

    The market will dictate the economy, not the press. I am becoming desperately angry at the media and absolute idiot politicians who have no bloody idea making economic commentary and scaring punters. You’re right, this isn’t the great depression despite the world’s talking heads willing it upon us. Remember, markets are falling but someone is buying all those shares – they’re not disappearing into the ether! And as for me! I have no money, my assets aren’t worth a brass razoo and as long as my mortgagee doesn’t recall their loan . . life goes on as usual!

  4. I like ‘bright visas ahead’ – this may be a typo for ‘vistas’ but I like the vision of the inviting shiny credit cards on the horizon!

    I’m hoping that the current financial convulsions will result in a correction of house prices to the point where we might reasonably buy one without being in debt until we die…I realise this is a self-interested perspective.

  5. Dot,

    A Freudian slip – I got a bright new Visa last week, with a limit that is equivalent to five months of my stipend!

    The housing market should return to sensible levels, but given the irrational way in which markets operate, I suspect house prices will dip below their true worth before rising again – an opportunity for buyers. Looking at the Daft property website last night, there were over four thousand properties for sale in Co Wexford, including over six hundred in Enniscorthy, a town of 9,000 people – completely barmy levels of development

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