A moment of disappointment — 5 Comments

  1. “Maybe it’s a healthy thing to acknowledge disappointment.”

    Surely feelings of disappointment and regret are healthy whereas resentment is not?

    Life would be very dull if all our dreams were fulfilled. Where there’s hope, there’s life (and opportunity).

    Dream on! Ian

  2. I’m not sure.

    If disappointment arises from unreasonable expectations, then it becomes a piece of self-indulgence. Everyone knows that the Church of Ireland is a fairly uniform (and sometimes grey) place, to hope to be somewhere that does not exist is just daft!

  3. Your reference to medieval times and cathedral closes is the second time today that there has been a similar reference, a presenter on local radio mentioned Vicars Close next to the cathedral in Wells in Somerset and now your reference.
    I wonder how close Ellis Peters Cadfael stories are to monastic life as it was.

  4. Dad,

    I think Cadfael is probably a very pleasant presentation of the reality!


    Nor do they have the best looking Sunday School teachers in the Thirty Two Counties 😉

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