Making it up with Shelley — 3 Comments

  1. Isn’t it strange the way some things you learn in school remain with you for years, while most of it flitters away (at least with me it has!). One thing I will always remember is reading “Of Mice and Men” it’s one of my favourite books and one that I will encourage my children to read, even if it isn’t on the syllabus.
    I was never one for poetry, I much prefer good lyrics in a song. Your post though, made me think of Pam Ayers (obscure connection; Shelley with Ayers, I know!) I googled her and she is still around (touring no less!) and producing new stuff. I was going to send you one but can’t find a copy online, which is a shame because I would have enjoyed “The Dolly on the Dustcart” or “I wish I was a rockstar!”

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