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  1. Yes the good times are on hold for a while maybe it will make people take stock of what they have got, instead of throwing it away before even using it. It’s going to be a cold one too (winter that is)

  2. Ian

    A ’99’ on a cold day… shivers! Do you stick Maltesers into the 99? We used to when we were being extravagant. 😀

    I love to sit and listen to snippets of conversation wafting their way on the wind.

  3. Haha . . GM I thought exactly the same thing! It’s a brave man that exposes himself to an ice cream headache on the first day of winter. Nice description though Ian, I could almost picture myself there. As for sailing in the freezing weather . .they are tougher souls than I!

  4. Ian

    I suggest you to return to the pier in mid-summer and treat yourself to another ice-cream while you observe the difference in the level of activity around the harbour when the weather is kinder.

    Grannymar obviously hasn’t discovered Maud’s Pooh Bear ice-cream which has lots of nice crunchy bits in it 😉

    It is interesting though how much more we observe when alone. I walked a pier alone today too but the wind was so cold, I didn’t hang around.

    btw The equivalent of the long downhill run in sailing is also known as ‘the run’ when the wind is on your tail. It can be exhilarating but in wind strengths like today, it’s best avoided.

  5. Les,

    Maybe it’s just going to be an ordinary winter – a proper one!


    Maltesers! Not only did you have a washing machine in the 1940s, but you ate Maltesers. That must be a degree of indulgence that borders on sinful 😉


    Coffee gives me a headache and the was no Bovril!


    We walk it most Saturdays, but on the eve of our summer holidays we buy ice creams! I was just trying to recapture a summer’s evening.

    Boats are far too bumpy for me and there seems to be an awful lot of getting wet. I went racing with a friend a few times twenty years ago on Strangford Lough in his Dragon class boat (a 29 footer), there seemed to be a great deal of shouting – particular when the rope holding the spnnaker broke!

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