A completely pointless exercise! — 5 Comments

  1. Aww shame about the residency thing but what a great idea and if it was included in a truly diversified portfolio or an index fund, the return might be better than you think!

  2. Or read the small print!!!!! But like all us men we always open the box throw away the instructions and then try to put it all together!!! It’s more fun.

  3. Would the banks sell? Isn’t part of the problem with the banks now their poor capital ratio? I admit I don’t know what that phrase means, but it sounds like the ratio of what they owe to what they own. They own that mortgage debt. If they sold it off cheap, wouldn’t they be in an even worse situation? So they have to hang on to it until they’ve paid their own debts down.
    On second thoughts, maybe capital ration means something like the ratio of what they have lent out to the amount they hold in their vaults?
    I give up.

  4. Ken,

    I agree, banks would not sell profitable debt. What I had thought was there might be some means of redeeming the so-called “toxic debt”, (which, in many cases has already been written down). The banks would be grateful as it would redeem debts they thought lost and it would assist their recapitalisation.

  5. Maybe someone read it and stopped to think, if so it wasn’t a total waste of time or effort

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