What does it profit a man? — 3 Comments

  1. There were jobs for generations – 30-40 acre farms provided a secure living for a family – but agriculture and food policies made those farms unviable and with their disappearance went much of the community of which they had been part. Our out of town retailers, with their power to dictate prices, have further damaged rural life, and have left our High Streets with little more than banks and charity shops.

    We have lost our soul through the lure of cheapness. When people complain about the loss of “community”, ask them where they shop!

  2. The post office and the other shop closed when the people became too old to carry on, the shop and post office was part of their home, eleven garages/petrol station hve cosed within a 6 mile radius because people have retired and there is no-one to carry on, people still have to go somewhere to buy the necessities of life and to visit the doctor.
    Sadly Mr Tesco. Sainsbury and Morrison are now in the driving seat and we the common folk are forced to accept the fact

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