Be careful at whom you throw your shoes — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, I came here via Baino’s. How uplifting this is. I always thought the United Nations was the most useless piece of crud in the world. It has not done anything except pass policies against the US which is mainly responsible for financing the organization. Lately the UN is becoming leftist. It is a joke! The US ought to kick out the UN from New York and put its headquarters up somewhere in the middle East, say for example Iran and let’s see what happens then. A world with a weak America is going to be an insecure and nervous world. People who have fought against American and the Bush policies will soon realize that it is easier to kick down a barn that fix it. I am very excited to see the liberals and leftists stumble over themselves in the next 4 years. Unfortunately I have to pay for it.

  2. Hi Ces,

    I fear I would be amongst the leftists and liberals, being glad to see the election of Barack Obama, and I do think George W Bush (although someone I think I would like as a person) has been bad for the standing of the US in the world. However, where would most people in the world prefer to live – in Bush’s America or in some Islamist state? I don’t see any queues for the Islamist option (or for any of the sub-Saharan dictatorships where billions of intergovernmental aid has disappeared without trace)

  3. Haha . . Ces has found you Ian, put up yer dukes! I agree wholeheartedly that one man a country does not make but this particular man has done more damage in his 8 years than any US regime before him and we blindly followed suit. He’s lucky he wasn’t shot frankly. It is however a shame that America has chosen to embroil itself in conflicts which suit it’s interests. Nobody gives a bugger about Zimbabwe or Sudan. And if we adopted shoe throwing rather than shooting people, peace may reign!

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