Who are the rules for? — 2 Comments

  1. As long as there are illegals trying to enter countries, there will be barriers for those who mean to only visit. Illegal immigration is a huge problem for the US particularly. Even here boatloads of illegal refugees make the hazardous trip to try to enter the country and our ‘barriers’ see them end up in detention centres.

  2. But Baino, the evidence is that the barriers are not working. I read a piece in the FT about illegals crossing from Mexico into the US. A woman got a phone call at her office in the morning to say that her cook had been deported to Mexico; when she arrived home that evening, her cook was already back working in the kitchen.

    Laws are effective when they are enforced by the members of the society to which they apply; otherwise they become a piece of symbolism by the authorities and an annoyance to ordinary blokes, who might just have liked to go to a coffee shop.

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