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  1. The first thought that came into my mind reading this was “Route 66” – How many tourists have travelled to California to drive that road, all because of a song, or a movie. I was going to say that we’d never have a song about a road in Ireland but I’m wrong – the Sawdoctors did N17, but it doesn’t make you want to drive to claremorris (as beautiful as it is!)
    I heard about a documentary about the movie Ryan’s Daughter and how it changed the area and the people of that area (Dingle – I think?) I don’t know if the programme has been on yet, I probably missed it as in the battle of the remote in this house Spongebob Squarepants wins every time.

    You’re having an “American phase” in your blogging Ian, I’m enjoying it.

  2. Aww I dunno . . there was Penny Lane,Winchester Cathedral, I Belong to Glasgow, Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner, Didn’t we Have a Lovely Day, the Day We Went to Bangor! Erm, perhaps you’re right . . not quite the soulful epics that eminated from the US.

  3. How about Durham Town, The Streets of London and a few others besides the joke songs like Ilkley Moor and Widecombe Fair, or is it because our culture is much older

  4. Waterloo sunset, anyone? Still brings up a romantic haze, though I must have spent years of a previous life waiting there for missed trains!

  5. Maria,

    The colour of your passport wouldn’t affect your preference would it? 🙂 I have never heard The Saw Doctors N17. They are great craic.


    Not quite ‘California Dreaming’ are they?


    I think it’s also about self-confidence and the English culture of begrudgery. I was delighted the Olympics team did so well, for once the begrudgers were silenced.


    ‘Waiting for missed trains’? There is something of Samuel Beckett in that!

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