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  1. Ian, although I am in the hosebuilding industry and am at the sharp end of the recession, what really brought home to me today how things really are was when I walked into what was left of Woolworths in Exter to see the last few remnants of goods,work desks, chairs and shelving waiting for a buyer….very sad….I shopped in ‘Woolies’ quite a bit, especially toys!!!and will always remember the Woolworths in Bridgwater back in the sixties…..proper wooden floors and display cases full of sweets!!!!!!!

  2. Les, Bridgwater branch had an authentic feel! I don’t understand how Woolies could go under, any I visited always seemed busy. The world seems to have gone daft and there seems no-one able to pull things together.

  3. Listening to the radio this morning there was a report on Newstalk about the recession and the journalist was reporting how “masses of shoppers from the Republic were by-passing the January sales in the south and continuing to travel North to shop and Irish revenues were down, thus pushing the south into a deeper recession” I felt as I listened that the “public” were being blamed for this – that we as consumers should “do the right thing” and pay 40 or 50% more for an item including 21% VAT and be happy to do so, in order to help our country out of a hole.
    The government INCREASED our VAT in November and continue to bail out bankers who feather their own nests while small retailers and family owned businesses go under.
    Having said that, retailers here need to take some of the blame for the northern exodus, they need to adjust prices to reflect the stronger euro and if it means taking a hit on profits now, so be it – it will swing back into their pocket when they buy new stock to replenish the shelves.
    I disagree with the arguments that southern retailers have higher costs than the UK (apart from real estate) they are better off, as most of the goods imported come through a UK distributor, therefore even if prices are fixed a year back, the weaker pound makes stocking the shelves cheap.
    I’m back to work tomorrow and I’ll be at my desk all of this week adjusting my prices down in an effort to encourage shoppers, I’m buying cheaper – I’m happy to pass this on to my customers.
    Here’s a plug – Sale now on at!!
    My rant over!

  4. The ‘feathering of nests’ that has gone on in the middle of the crisis has been astonishing! Imagine the Anglo guys taking a bonus!!

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