Passing by on the other side — 6 Comments

  1. Ian, why are you so hard on yourself? I am sure that you were deep in thought in the moments before that man addressed you.

    Clergy are allowed a time for rest and reflection, otherwise they would be no good to anyone.

  2. I think if I had been deep in thought, it would have been okay. I looked directly at the man and thought, ‘why’s he looking at me? I have no obligation today’.

    I agree about the rest and reflection; but that doesn’t excuse one from behaving with just ordinary humanity.

  3. Ian, Don’t be too hard on yourself, even you are allowed to “turn your phone onto silent” every once in a while.
    It was a quick hello, you didn’t recognise the person and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over not stopping and having a conversation with him, you responded with a quick salute, it’s how anyone would have reacted.
    Was sorry to miss service this morning, had a sleepness night because i messed up my meds with the whole routine change of the Christmas, ended up crawling the walls until the chemist in Ballybrack opened at 11!
    Have a good vacation if I don’t see you before.

  4. Hmmm, I suspect he would have thought it a dismissive grunt!

    The ESB men seemed about to dig up your gateway this morning and now seem to have gone.

  5. Yes, I saw that this morning. No idea what that was about. I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow when they decide to turn off the power for a couple of hours without pre-warning us!

  6. In the local small town many people greet me when I am there, most of them I do not recognise, now I just say hello to all of them and hope they do not send for a man in a white coat, In your calling you stand up and are seen by many, An Individual, but we are but one in a crowd,

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