Don't let the census perplex — 2 Comments

  1. Welcome home to wet and windy Ireland. We have the same gales howling to find access through any tiny crevice.

    I might give that site a couple of weeks to settle before checking out some of Elly’s relations (my out-laws)!

    On one side of my own family I can go back six generations and forward two!

  2. I couldn’t find one of my uncles, though his older brother and parents were on the 1911 Dublin census,
    neither was he with the other relatives. But by
    typing in his first and last initials two records came up with ages, one in an army barracks, too old so not him, the other matching in age, a patient in the Adelaide Hospital age 4. I have no proof it is him,but it was the local hospital, and he was a sickly child.
    Hospitals and institutions don’t seem to give full names, probably something to do with confidentiality
    I suppose.
    I don’t know if this is of any help to you, also my
    mother in law’s name was wrong on the census here,
    when put online the record was transcribed incorrectly, her father’s writing not being very clear on the original document,so by typing in her
    name we could not find her, by looking for her
    parents we did.

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