Saving in the recession — 6 Comments

  1. I tell myself the water is up to my chest, even though in reality its only up to my ankles!!!!!That way I dont spend more than I earn.

  2. Ah well! I don’t worry about someting I don’t have, like money, I suppose I should feel sorry for all those very rich people getting very concerned about their dividends and other monetary returns, but I don’t

  3. Don’t think it’s the role of the church to discuss hardship? That’s a wind-up or you’ve been listening again to those people from that church up the road from you.

  4. The very rich people will carry on being very rich, as they did through the 1930s.

    The people who are getting hurt are the working people who have paid into their firm’s pension scheme in the hope of having a few pounds on top of the State pension when they retire, and who now find the pension funds have lost a lot of that money, and the people on State pensions who will find that a Government with reduced revenues has little scope for any improvements in the old age pensions.

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