Blogger navel gazing — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you Ian.

    I am a little ahead of you since I already met the last three people on your list.

    Bock won’t escape me this year and I am on my way over now to check out Daniel Owen.

  2. Darragh Doyle writes posts longer than essays I would have written at university.

    Oh dear, I hope that’s an okay thing (sometimes)

    Thanks for the nod 😀 Do please get in touch if you’re ever in Dublin. I’m not that wordy in real life… erm… maybe I can be. But I’m nice too!

    I’m beating GM there by one, I met Bock at the last blog awards and asked him if he was Twenty :-/

    Off to check out Daniel as well. Thanks again 🙂

  3. There’s the secret, Ian. Start cursing and they’ll flock to your web-site.

    (Speaking of which, do you know what the priest said when his church caught fire? I’d better get the flock out of here).

  4. I wrote some very short essays – I told them all I knew on the subject, along with a few things that had nothing to do with it in order to fill out the space.

  5. I initially read ‘flock’ as ‘frock’. Mind you with some of the camp outfits in churches costing thousands, it might have been a frock that gave rise to the pun.

    Our daughter regarded the Dutch-built aircraft on which we travelled last Saturday as having a name that could be misconstrued.

  6. Ian,

    I see that you have also been nominated for the “Best Specialist Blog” category at the IBA’s.

    The name of this category makes me think of Mastermind where contestants are nervously awaiting their turn…

    “and your speciality is…you have 2 minutes starting NOW!”

    Better get practising! 😉

  7. I saw that. I’m not sure from whom the nomination came. ‘Specialist what?’ I thought. Someone who read the blog last year though it was a political blog.

  8. I assume my blog will be eliminated when it comes to the shortlisting, it not conforming to the category.

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