Would you put your heads above the parapet? — 2 Comments

  1. Ah there should be more like you! Actually, the Church and their charities here are a Godsend (literally) to the poor and homeless. Our government agencies can’t cope and rely heavily on organisations such as St Vincent De Paul and the Salvation Army to pick up the slack. Oh, and I’m very cynical about doctors, sadly science and empathy rarely mix. I’m still bemused though by the fact that we left our local parish once the kids completed school and nobod enquired about our welfare . . we could have been on the streets and the local priest barely knew our name.

  2. I’m sure that despondency is to blame here. No matter how hard you shout, the primary care services simply aren’t there for the most vulnerable in our society.

    The GP’s, social workers and public health nurses are snowed under with requests for home help but the mismanagement of resources by our government, has ensured that only the very sickest get help and like Bob, by then it’s often too late.

    I despair at what Harney’s doing to our health service. Maybe the church should consider speaking out about this on behalf of the poor?

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