Symbols of security — 4 Comments

  1. Ian….How about fond memories of sitting on the leather 3 piece on a floor of polished HDF (laminate flooring) watching the 58″ plasma ahhhh the 2000’s. I’m off for me Marmite on toast!!!!!…… never could quite take to Bovril……

  2. The word Bovril for me, brings back memories of Primary school days when we brought our packed lunches and a flask of Bovril four days a week. In a Friday we had Irel coffee – Yuck! In those far off days the innards of a flask were breakable, alas the odd fall or bang climbing on the bus delivered a hot Beverage all down my legs. Bovril is still going strong!

  3. I’ve disliked Bovril ever since it was recommended at the only flavoured drink allowed while doing a 24-hour ‘bowel prep’ for a colonoscopy.

    By the end of that day, I never, EVER, EVER wanted to taste Bovril again 😀

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