Saint Peter would not get a job with the Church of Ireland — 8 Comments

  1. Who prepares the ordinands to deal with the raw grief of their flock nowadays?

    The gifts of ‘book learning’ and eloquent public speaking are fine for an academic audience, but not much comfort at the bedside of a dying soul.

  2. I would have thought that it might have been the role of a lecturer in practical theology to talk about such things?

    However, I have never advanced beyond being a bog standard parish cleric, so am probably wrong.

  3. Does seem like overkill for a Parish Priest, I’d have thought some qualification in social work might be more appropriate . . .the problem with academics is that often they lack the people skills necessary to implement their craft . .hence the plethora of doctors we have who are technically perfect with no bedside manner. You stay a bog standard parish cleric! (although I don’t believe that for a minute)

  4. Ian you have been born with the gift of knowing how to “be” with people in their hour of need. No one can learn that from a book or no one can teach anybody how to aquire that gift. It is a gift from the God who you serve in the most wonderfully humanly way and are a blessing to all who know you.

  5. Bock,

    There are radical evangelical Christians who would agree with you – people belonging to the Anabaptist Network in England regard much of Christian ‘doctrine’ as coming from the corruption of the church after Constantine became a ‘Christian’.

  6. Some psychological training might have been helpful as well. Anyway, it’s nothing to do with me.

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