What would Jesus do to find €20 billion? — 4 Comments

  1. Taking your train of thought from another angle, it seems that the public sector has become a sacrificial figure and is for the high jump.

    It remains to see if it will be happy to play along.

  2. Hi,

    Sorry your response has taken so long to appear – it had been grabbed by the spam filter – it’s not as though there are too many comments in the first place, without them disappearing!

    The public sector has perhaps become like some Old Testament scapegoat to carry off the sins of the people – particularly the bankers. They are in a cleft stick: if they don’t fight, the Government gets it way automatically; if they do fight the Government may seek to demonise them.

  3. Ian will you explain the levy to me? Does the money go into each individual pension fund or into the general coffers. Seems unfair to levy just the Public Service. We pay a ‘Medicare Levy’ of 1.2% to subsidise public health whether we have private health insurance or not but we get a 30% rebate when we put in our income tax. I know a couple of public servants over there who are fuming at the prospect.

  4. Just a thought on money being spent elswhere, how much help could be given to those in need if the billions that are being spent in Dubai were spent on helping the poor African communities

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