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  1. I remember my mother saying to me in busy shops ‘if you ever get lost, go find a policeman!’ as if! Then after wondering off one day, my brother did end up in Stockport lockup once sharing Dolly Mixture with a very nice female cop!

  2. Ian From the description I think his name was ‘pearce’I’m sure it was you with me once when we were kids, that he stopped when we were on our bicycles…that time I had the lecture about riding two abreast on the road……It frightened me a bit then,I am still annoyed now when I see a pack of cyclists riding 2 and 3 abreast, Old Pearce would be in his element.

  3. Could have been him; Sparkes was the other one. What was the point of trying to intimidate kids?

    Riding two abreast was quite legal as far as I remember. Do you remember the old Highway Code, didn’t it say ‘do not ride more than two abreast on busy or narrow roads”, or something like that?

  4. I remember Sparkes too I don’t think he was as bad as Pearce.
    I think you are right about 2 abreast, it was just another way of intimidating us kids.

  5. Sparks was too gentle to be a copper, if it was not Pearce it could have been “Tubby” Davies. Pearce’s hobby was collecting first editions, seems strange for a heavy-handed “gent”

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