Ice cream and economics — 4 Comments

  1. Ian, you have a fantastic memory….Yes the Sunday treat was the ice-cream vans, I had completely forgotton them until I read this……I used to have a wafer..a small block of ice-cream (choc-ice size) between 2 wafers. I seem to remember the Reema van outlasted the Walls van, and yes the Reema wasn’t as nice as the Walls…. Reema came from Yeovil….Bring on those feel-good factors.

  2. I remember the Wall’s van but not the Reema one. I often think about the ice-cream man on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a nice memory. I remember what he looked like and his name is on the tip of my tongue. Yes, definitely a feel good moment.

  3. We have the Mr Whippy type here but the old tinkly ice cream vans of my childhood, 99’s and Raspberry sauce a thing of the past! My mum used to go out with a bowl and get about 10 scoops covered in raspberry topping! Yep, a little more ice cream and the world could be a better place!

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