You know the ’80s have returned when . . . — 10 Comments

  1. Here you also get long, long, rambling six A4 page letters that go to great pains to highlight the problems with the Apostles’ Creed and where it is wrong! Or detailled explanations about the errors of a particular church (the one of which you happen to be the rector!) and why everyone should return to the King James Version… Some things don’t change here! Sorry that they’re creeping into your mail box too.

  2. Did you check out the link to Alamo’s website? He says, amongst other things, that puberty in girls should be the age of consent to prevent fornication. Grim stuff.

  3. Sadly he’s not alone, there’s a myriad of these pentacostal style Churches popping up everywhere although I’ve never received mailings like that – ever.I like to think of it as American Paranoia but sadly, it’s permeating ours and other societies. Fanaticism on all levels is a thing to worry about.

  4. Just checked the site….hard to believe that folk believe that sort of stuff. And why don’t sins of injustice, selfishness, violence, etc.,etc. get mentioned…? Where is the rant about homelessness, poverty, greed…?

  5. Ian,

    We still get tracts from time to time. They come under the cover of darkness and those who deliver them are past masters at a silent delivery – no rattle of the letterbox!

  6. The problem is that there are always those that will believe anything providing that it is served up in the right way, there are some that live in a village near where I live.

  7. What right has such a man to teach Christian morality? He is four times married, twice imprisoned and condones child abuse. It’s nearly laughable but terrifying at the same time.

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