Bad dreams — 4 Comments

  1. I get dreams like this all the time. Only the night before last I dreamt I had to write an essay for a topic I was marking myself. Unknown to me my essay was second-marked by my old supervisor. Fortunately she came up with a mark only one different to the one I’d given myself. I was very relieved to have my marking endorsed in this way, even though she’d been rather scathing about parts of the essay…

  2. I have them too . .frequently. Sitting exams in courses I haven’t studied or having to do a huge aural presentation and losing my notes and blathering through. Interestingly, I didn’t finish my Dip Ed, I wonder if the guilt of that is still following me after 30 years, surely not . . .I wish I just dreamed about leaving the iron on!

  3. I think I would be very reassured by a supervisor who was affirming even in my sub-conscious.

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