On being a frustrated woolly liberal — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t know if Mark Steyn would be the answer. Anyone who needs to feed rational thought through an ideological filter is not trustworthy. I think you give him too much credit in praising his integrity.

  2. You’re right, Bock, it’s just that anything with substance looks better than what passes as political discourse in Leinster House. Richard O’Connor told me about the interview with the Minister for Older People last Thursday and I found it on YouTube. It is galling to think politicians of that quality are being paid six figure sums while hard working people here are losing their jobs.

    Our Select Vestry (church council) has sixteen members, of whom nine were in paid employment at the start of the year ( the other seven being retired or working at home). Two of that nine have been made redundant in the past month. It causes intense anger to see good, hard working people hurt by cute hoors, cronyism and incompetence.

  3. I don’t disagree with you there. This country needs a very searching light to shine into its dark corners, but right-wing mouthpieces like Mark Steyn are not the answer.

  4. The right wing don’t look after the workers! You talk to some right wing Americans, they hate the idea of subsidised health and social security when thousands need it. 25,000 Americans a day since December are now out of work thanks to the total lack of regulation and cavallier government of the Bush Administration. . .Ireland’s in the pits, as is Britain who are resorting to printing money for goodness sakes. We just have to get on with it, Woolly or not, I prefer the liberal doctrine! (Sorry I’ve never read Steyn so can’t comment on his stance.)

  5. But the problem is, Baino, is that there is no doctrine, no philosophy. We simply have politicians whose only object is to remain in power. I grew up with the legacy of Rab Butler (Conservative and architect of the 1944 Education Act) and William Beveridge (Liberal and architect of the Welfare State). No-one now has a vision beyond the next election.

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