Is the reason we don't protest in the dancing? — 5 Comments

  1. I think to understand the feeling of Spain you need to visit areas where tourists do not go, there is an underlying vibrancy that is shown in their dancing, and an attitude not found in the more northern countries

  2. Don’t think you would find many locals in most tourist places – certainly haven’t met many Dubs in Temple Bar.

    I met a man a couple of years ago whose wife was called Alegría – she didn’t strike me as a flamenco dancer, though!

  3. Hi! Ian

    Sorry, I haven’t been over in a while.

    Your new look (by Himself) takes some getting used to. Surely the previous page/next page at bottom of each post works the wrong way round?

    When you click on NEXT page, you get an older page whereas I would expect it to bring you to the latest one. PREVIOUS page to me, means previously written. Yes/No?

    I just thought I’d point this out as I found it confusing when trying to read back through your blog.


  4. Oh dear! You seem to have found an error in the original piece of coding, Steph. I have tweaked it a bit. Is that a little less confusing? 😉

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