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  1. We have lots of old piers like this which have been converted into apartments, theatre space, hotels . .even got an old red lightship at the maritime museum! I’ve certainly been spinning in circles! My retirement fund is my property but it’s not worth a brass razoo at the moment! And congrats on winning the Rugby! Seems to have cheered a few people up!

  2. I’m usually the biggest pessimist around, but I can’t agree it has *all* been a scam! Before the property bubble, and alongside it over the last ten years, a real high-tech economy has produced goods and services wanted by people around the world. Perhaps most important, we have raised a generation of young people over the last 20 years who are well educated and confident in their own talents and abilities. When I came home from Britain in 1990 to work as a software consultant, one thing that struck me was how little confidence Irish software people had in what they were doing, although it was very good. That changed within 5 years, thank God, and these young people now know they are as capable as anyone. They will recover! But it looks like my pensions gone (:(

  3. Ireland’s win at rugby was the best thing to happen this country in a long while.

    I’m hoping it’s a sign that if we knuckle down as a country and become team players, we’ll get our just reward in time.

    btw When introducing the replay of highlights of the match on Sunday, I loved the way Tom McGurk said “Don’t worry, we still win!” 🙂

  4. Baino,

    Like myself, you have a few years for the retirement fund to recover; I feel really sorry for people who have worked forty-odd years and are trying to retire at the moment.

  5. You’re right, Joc, there has been loads of good stuff happen. There is much of which to be proud. But there is a palpable anger amongst many people. I try to point out that countries recover, but it is hollow coming from someone who has a secure house and job.

    I think I shall be working the full possible term in the Church of Ireland – to the end of the quarter in which one is 75!

  6. I love John Hayes – always there, always reliable, always determined, Bit of what we need.

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