Being a separate caste — 7 Comments

  1. Sadly I know too many ‘christians’ involved in dubious activities. My daughter’s boss is definitely one of the most unscrupulous businesspeople I’ve ever heard of but is an avid churchgoer. Religion, race, sex should not be any form of defence in a trial but it happens. Look at ‘scantily’ clad women being vilified in rape trials or DUI drivers being given exempliary character witnesses by the clergy or prominent people in their community. Just the facts please your Honour, the RELEVANT facts!

  2. Not sure how many Church of Ireland people would put themselves in the category of “Christians”, we tend to avoid anything that smacks of the “evangelical”!

  3. Succinctly put, Ian

    I agree entirely with what you say but couldn’t have articulated it so brilliantly.

    I’m hoping you sent this as a letter to the editor?

  4. The “Irish Times” have ignored the last six letters I have sent them; I’ve given up bothering to write.

  5. Nice one, Ian, but is ‘not helpful’ strong enough? How about ‘stupid and dangerous’? 🙂

    Elaine Byrne uses dodgy sociology to make a Protestant stick with which to beat the (Roman) Catholic Church – ‘any stick will do to beat a dog’. As such it is an attack on all our churches and I agree with Steph that a letter to the editor would be in order!

  6. A number of journalists seem to try to co-opt us – if they have a case, why doesn’t it stand on its own merits?

  7. Hi Ian

    Agree totally with your sentiments!

    As someone who lived in NI during the years of some of the worst atrocities I always thought it very unhelpful (to put it mildly!) that the press always insisted on adding the labels ‘protestant’ or ‘catholic’ when reporting the name of anyone who met with a violent death. Every such death was a tragedy for the individual concerned, and for their families, no matter what the circumstances and by ‘keeping a tally’ it was surely only adding fuel for the dreadful ‘tit for tit’ killings that took place.

    Sorry this response is not exactly rapid but I have only started dipping into your blog – well done – I now know what I’ve been missing out on!

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