Whose truth? — 4 Comments

  1. I didn’t know that about Pakistan, and they’re supposed to be resisting the Taliban. . .Perfect example of a fear rather than a failure to develop. Not sure about Trotsykites but trogladites are everywhere.

  2. RTE reported today on a women’s protest against the legalization of marital rape in Afghanistan, they were complaining that the law had all the hallmarks of the Taleban. Troglodytes aren’t a problem – they stay in their caves and leave people alone. These guys have an international vision

  3. Never a bad plan to question and analyse!

    Freud’s theories have some serious flaws, his daughter Anna went on to mess up several peoples lives with them, and his nephew Eduard Bernaise applied them to the advertising/PR industry (in fact he created it), look where that got us. Check out the documentary The Century of the Self, it’s available online.

  4. Read a detective novel last summer, ‘The Interpretation of Murder’, with Freud and Jung as central characters – weird guys!

    People can have whatever oddball theories they like, providing they don’t attempt to enforce them on others. Back in McQuaid’s days in charge of Ireland, people could believe anything they wished, so long as it was what McQuaid approved. Dialogue was about people learning McQuaid’s version of the truth.

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