Concorde at forty — 7 Comments

  1. Lucky you Ian to watch the maiden flight, Concorde was a fantastic bird, not very practical and hugely expensive I agree, I would have liked to have a flight if I could have afforded it. It did last longer than the TU144…..I agree not much seems to have been learnt in the last 40 years….. From a non-politically correct Englishman born in the 60’s….

    P.S. Do you remember watching the launching of The QE2 at Ham school on the big B&W tele on wheels?

  2. I remember the terrible end of the TU 144 being reported on the news.

    Political correctness is, of course, a prejudice in itself. It is the arrogant assumption that your own worldview is the only one acceptable, except it is so burdened down with a sense of guilt that it fails to see its own inconsistencies.

    I don’t remember the QE 2 – though should do. We could build things in those days!

  3. I remember as a child the laughter after Matins, the day the plane was named: ‘O God, who art the author of peace and lover of Concorde …’!

  4. He was probably the only person who could afford a ticket! It always seemed an odd name; did it arise from the fact that it was a joint project between Britain and France?

  5. It came here a couple of times and flew right over my house, the noise was astounding! Ah sadly, history always repeats.

  6. It used to fly over at about 5.30 pm when I was a student in London; it could be heard for miles. I would look up to see it every time.

  7. A white elephant indeed. but a masterpieceof engineering. I also saw 002’s final landing at RNAS Yeovilton, where it now holds pride of place in the Fleet Air Arm museum, the largest covered aircraft museum in Europe.

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