Corn flake contentment — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, the joys of the old cereal packets!

    I vaguely remember the knights, but the ones that stick out [pun??] are the animal heads that seemed to be there for years. But none of them compared to the little plastic toys that used to be included in the boxes. It was hard to beat the excitement of seeing that little package clatter into the cereal bowl.

  2. Hard to bear the excitement?! Anyone would think that Ireland was a country that had only one television channel and banned detective stories!

    Kellogg’s ‘Frosties’ used to be great for the plastic toys – dinosaurs and space monsters. Weetabix was always a bad bet – there was never space for anything in those efficiently packed boxes.

  3. I was with you until the mention of the warm milk! I could smell it and my tummy did a somersault…. I’m away to dress my paper dolls.

  4. Ian, another nostalgia trip loved this one it took me back, I too cut out the knights, I remember them well, and up to a few years ago they were still pinned to the wall inside my Mothers woodshed, where I kept my collection of Beanos from 67-73 (which I still have!!!!) They were 3d in 67 now we pay £1.25 for The Beano for George. And cream…..mmmmm I can remember my Gran scalding the milk them taking the cream off the top when it had cooled…….Keep the memories coming…..

  5. Aww I love it when you do these reminsiscent posts. I remember (now that’s how old I am) both the paper cut-out’s and getting little glass figurines out of cereal boxes. I can’t remember which cereal but I had a regular glass managerie . Oh and a swag of Robertsons gollywog badges (can I say that here?).I think the best we can do these days is Kinder Surprise . .kids love ’em.

  6. The fresh milk made the old gold top bottled milk look thin. You would wonder how people lived so long. Maybe it was more exercise and less food with additives.

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