Summertime blues — 5 Comments

  1. I remember that sinking feeling. I got it every Sunday evening about teatime. I dreaded every single day at school. My one and only school trip was in 1965 to Killarney, it was my final year at school. The only scenery around us was a thick gray hanging mist. It was about twenty years later I saw the mountains that provided a backdrop to the place.

  2. I’ve become confused about the school experience. I didn’t like school, but learned a lot, whereas there are now very pleasant schools where twelve year olds can barely write.

  3. Ahhh thank-you for your memories again Ian….Just thought I would add some details…My Father used to help put up and take down the school pool, there was a bed of sand under the pool liner to protect it from puncturing and I spent many a boring hour watching the pool being filled!!!! I too didn’t like the pool, especially when my Mother insisted I went swimming in the ‘summer holidays’ when it was cold and rainy!!!
    I can still remember the Corgi Toy I bought at the Ntional Motor Museum….yellow and black MGB with wire wheels….
    I can remember the Brownsea Island trip, yes it was cold and rainy…….There is a twist to the cancelling of the Safari Park story…..There was 3 children who wanted still to go to Woburn Abbey..Me and the Vigar twins….and as a special treat Mrs Cullen and Miss Rabbage took us up in the Holidays in Mrs Cullens light blue Morris 1100.

  4. I couldn’t remember where the original outing was going! Miss Rabbage must have been in retirement by then; Mr Britten took us on the Brownsea/Poole Pottery trip, didn’t he?

  5. Ian, I’ve dug deep and I cannot remember who took us on the Brownsea trip……but you have cleared up one thing….It was the visit to poole pottery…I was thinking about a pottery trip the other day and I always thought it was somewhere in Newton Abbot!!!!! So thanks for that…Cheers Les. P.S. With contributions from both of us we’ll have our childhood memories complete !!!!!

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