Don’t grow up like me — 8 Comments

  1. Nowadays it is not just the Dads who are kept away by long hours at work.

    I actually feel very sorry for children nowadays. But then I had a choice.

  2. Grannymar, The Irish Constitution says that economic conditions should not be such that both parents are compelled to work. Nor need they have been if the Government had not colluded with developers in creating a huge property price bubble. In a country of just four million there was ample space for affordable housing for everyone. Now that the bubble has burst, there is a danger of parents being at home far more than they expected or can afford.

  3. I forgot my son on his first day of school! For the first week, kindys finished at 12noon . .I found him in an empty classroom with his new teacher eating a pie that she’d bought for him. And I never thought about the trading weekends thing. . very salient.

  4. I was told it was only a bloke who could forget a child.

    Weekends would be a delight. This time of year loads of people head off to their caravans and cottages in Wicklow and Wexford on a Friday afternoon and return on a Sunday evening. We can go nowhere.

  5. (Off the point, but in reply to your twitter, which I can’t work out how to use). Never mind the meetings, Jesus would have loved Twitter. I love the idea that you have ‘followers’. I am in Chelsea, so am a proper Chelsea mum for the next 2 weeks.

  6. No, it’s not only blokes who forget the children, we are all guilty of that. The worse thing though is when you forget someone else’s child, I was almost home once from the school and had to race back to the kid who I had promised to collect!

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