Unlikely events — 3 Comments

  1. Strange things do happen, your remark about the Ferrari reminded me of the time (I think 1987) when I was on the M25 going to collect daughter from university, on the hard shoulder on the opposite carriagwey was a white Rolls Royce with it’s bonnet up, I was told that it could never happen to a Roller, but it did

  2. Rob and I were discussing this and we came to the conclusion that this coould also be a sign of the times. During the last recession in the UK you would hear horrendous stories from estate agents of repossessed houses where the owners had poured concrete down the toilet or tampered with electrical wiring, the mentality being “If I can’t have it, no-one else can!” Perhaps this was the case with the ferrari – on the brink of a visit from the “Re-po man” the owner decided to torch it!

  3. Did you see it? It seemed odd.

    The car must have started smoking very slowly, because there was time for the fire brigade to arrive and put out whatever was burning.

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