Amongst the Diggers and the Kiwis — 4 Comments

  1. All wars are bloody, civil wars are the worst. Wars are made by politicians and fought by soldiers. I am not religious, but on remembrance day I think of all that have been sacrificed on the political altar. May they all rest in peace

  2. Are we the only nation that celebrates a national defeat so earnestly. I agree with Peter, Civil Wars are the worst, neighbour against neighbour but all wars are rubbish and in the end, they achieve little. Apparently the economic crisis has affected attendance by particularly Aussies and Kiwis at both Gallipoli and France this year . . .how we forget the ANZAC representation in the European and Japanese conflicts . .it’s all about Gallipoli . .

  3. What’s even sadder about this is the British forces lost 43,000 men in this campaign and there is very little mention of it made ever due to the even more staggaring losses made in places like the Somme. The Turks lost 65,000 men – the whole campaign and similarly the war was a completely futile waste of human life.

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