The Annual Appeal — 5 Comments

  1. Weird! It’s nice that you remember him on his birthday though. I hope you succeed in getting some clue as to his destiny.

  2. I imagine you’ve googled everything…too many Ian Graham’s and search always brings ftfh as the first result! here are a couple of sites, one with a photograph:

    Ian Graham on the staff of the University of New South Wales…

    PhD UTS

    Room: 615
    Tel: 9385 8720
    Fax: 9385 1558
    Email: i.graham

    This one is a public school principal, i think:

    I do hope you find Ian, Ian.

  3. Firstly, try a Images Search on “Ian Graham”
    Now go to the address bar and paste this onto the end of the URL


    Your search results in a lineup of hopefuls, for inspection or identification, showing only images containing faces!

  4. Thank you for the suggestions. I tried them all, but without any success. I did discover that his father had written a letter to the Church Times in 2007. I might try writing a letter to the address from which the letter came.

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