Throw out the managers — 7 Comments

  1. Course no-one’s listening, Baino. There are only twenty people who read this stuff and half of them are atheists!

    I spoke on one of the reports at General Synod last Saturday morning and, at the response at the end of the report, the proposer went through each contribution and simply said, “Some interesting comments from Mr Poulton” – like some primary school teacher feeling she must say something about each class member’s work. It was appallingly patronising. Katharine, ever the optimist about human nature, says he simply did not understand the comment.

  2. One of the fundamental errors of the management model (consulting in particular) is the assumption that everyone else is at best barely competent. It inherently lacks trust and takes a flawed view. In my brief stint in management I took the approach that it was my job to ensure the team had the right resources and environment to perform their job effectively, not browbeat productivity from them. I thought it worked pretty well.

  3. Trouble with the Church of Ireland is that it has lost its nerve and is loathe to say that what works in a business environment to make a profit simply doesn’t work in a small community of people where you cannot sack those who don’t meet your expectations and where you can’t go off in search of a different market if your product fails in your traditional market.

  4. Given the current state of the world economy, that would be pretty hard to argue with. The problem is that the church always lags behind in its thought and can be a refuge for those who have not succeeded elsewhere, so we get rehashed failed philosophy

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