Bacon and vision — 4 Comments

  1. I love the Bacon room,my husband once gave me a jigsaw of it for Christmas! It really is chaotic and wonderful. It makes my housekeepong seem good!

  2. Chaos! It looks more like my garage than anything else. The only difference is my garage just gets more chaotic without anything arising from the muddle

  3. The chaos we face is more than global economic crash – global climate change is another part of the mess. And I think the two are intimately linked. I suspect one trigger for the crash was the penny suddenly dropping that growth cannot continue because of climate change, tipping the confidence in the future needed for investment over the edge. And conversely I suspect the only way out of the crash is to invest and put people to work in green, sustainable activity.

    We need prophets as well as artists to help us imagine something different from the past. There is something biblical about that too!

  4. I think the crash has come through the arrogance of financiers who believed they could call the future. What the crash has done though is to give impetus to a huge array of alternative technologies – the electric car is going to be commonplace before I retire.

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