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  1. This has reminded me of the time when Sarah and Wendy were taking me back to college at the beginning of one term and I fell asleep in the car not thinking that they could get lost on the M25. I woke up a while later and took a few minutes to realise that we were going in the wrong direction. They had pulled off at South Mimms services which wasn’t actually open at the time and had managed to rejoin on the anti-clockwise side. Ah well. We would have got there eventually albeit several hours later but then if Einstein was/is right then it would have just seemed that way.

  2. May 17th 1974 is the birthday I shall never forget.

    As I was readying myself to celebrate my 17th birthday in a Dublin city venue, news came through of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. There is a memorial to all those who died that day in Glasnevin cemetery. That atrocity was 35 years ago yesterday.

    BTW Congrats on your success in economics!

  3. The bombings must have been reported on the BBC, but I have no memory of them. There used to be a memorial in Cathal Brugha Street, but it was moved, and I’m not sure where it went.

    Belated Happy Birthday, by the way.

  4. Ian – whatever brought back that old memory ? I don’t know about Einstein, but the parts of the jigsaw seem to matter more the older we become.

  5. I think I’ve led such a conventional life that anything different figures strongly in the memories. I’ve lost so many pieces of my jigsaw that it takes a great effort of the imagination to fill in the gaps.

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