Fête accomplished — 4 Comments

  1. We are just over another Parish Fête too – your words of weariness ring true!

    Or as some wisecrack put it “This is a fête worse than death!”

  2. That was a great result. Congratulations. We had a year like that in Magherally and were amazed at the money raised! Proves something…not sure what! Hope your infection hasn’t become worse as a result…

  3. How many ‘wo/man hours’ went into making €15,000? Is that the most important reason to hold a fête or is it secondary to drawing people together for fellowship and fun.

    Mind you ‘fellowship’ is a word I have great trouble with. What exactly is it? I have heard it bandied about on many an occasion, but in experience it has been perhaps five minutes conversation with people who have no interest in sharing information or getting to know those they are talking to.

  4. ‘Fellowship’ is one of those Northern words that doesn’t have much currency here – it’s fashionable in ‘Christian’ circles.

    A huge amount of rubbish and not much fun in our fete. There are lots of ways of building up a sense of community, if that is what is wanted.

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