Earning our way — 4 Comments

  1. Easy depends on your own nature vis a vis the work you do. If it’s your nature, it’s easy (more than it’s difficult anyway). If not, you’re in the wrong job. Problem is, what’s the right one? I’d be much more at home with a job that involves wilderness, not much call for wild electronic engineers though 🙂

  2. There would be plenty of teaching openings for you in rural Africa! The problem is that the money would not pay your bills in south Dublin.

  3. Pre 1985 a box of ice cream mix for the whipped ice cream cones sold by these vans gave 300% profit. Fact. No idea about nowadays.

    If you are fortunate enough to enjoy your work then it is easy and worthwhile. Attitude to life also plays a part.

  4. 300% would mean that a cone that sold for €2 cost 50 cent in mix? The cost of the van and the public liability insurance and the other bits would eat into the profits as well. Even if you were making €1.20 a cone, you would still have to sell a lot of them to make a living. Maybe that’s why the last two people from whom I have bought ice creams have been from outside of Ireland.

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