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  1. It’s an interesting point… despite the fact that we live in a bilingual society (English & Irish) some people will consider Ireland a monolingual country. Bilingualism in Irish and English is, according to the last census, hovering at about the 52% mark, however, the number of people who actually converse in it is somewhat less due to certain stigmas which are attached. There are many studies that show that the acquisition of your first “second” language is the most difficult language to master, but then additional languages will come more and more easily. It would be my proposal to change all primary schools to gaelscoileanna so that children could acquire Irish in the easiest way possible. Then, by the time they reach secondary school they will have two mother tongues and the acquisition of French, Spanish, German, etc. will be an order of magnitude easier.

    Learning any language is more than just an incredible advantage to the person; it is an insight into a culture, another piece of the giant jigsaw that is our world. Too often English is looked upon as a universal language, and can scupper a person’s attempts to learn – but, as you say “Necessity is a very efficient master”.

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